Blue Planet 1


Part of my of Blue Planet series.


This series looks to highlight the fragility of our planet and the lives that call it home. Each piece is a reminder that Earth itself is a living breathing thing that must be protected.

This was the first artwork I created for this series. I wanted to take one of the smaller creatures of the planet – the simple anchovy – and use it to form the entire globe.

The fast movement through the water, the blurring, the chasing, all create a feeling of the planet spinning.

The colours and lights refracted through the water, the iridescence of the scales, the mists of bubbles formed, all emulate the beautiful patterns created in tiny glass marbles. This also allowed a simple nod to the original 'Blue Marble' photograph of Earth from space, taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft in 1972.

I was also motivated by discovering the only images of anchovies I could find were of them being used as food, and felt these humble but beautiful fish deserved more, and wanted to portray them full of life in their nature habitat.

Available as a LIMITED EDITION

Aluminium Art Print (edition of 3)

Also available as a limited edition
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