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Part of a series of self portraits

From a young age we are taught a narrative of the menstrual cycle, of this monthly occurrence all women share, with a presumption of predictably, and little thought to the sexual awakening that accompanies it. One soon realises how unpredictable our bodies can be, how different from other women we each are, and how much of our sexuality is based not on our bodies but in our minds.

This piece looks to explore my sexual awakening, from my first blood to my last, over 26 years. My journey was as unique and extraordinary as it was commonplace. So much of it was shared, yet for far more of it I was completely alone, either physically or mentally.

I have used multiple bodies to represent the many stages of this journey - from childhood curiosity, to prepubescent awkwardness, through confusion, embarrassment, eagerness, impatience, bravado, exposure, regret, confidence, experimentation, satisfaction, contentment, anger, resentment, fear, comfort, and finally peace.

There is a clear representation of this awakening in the unfurling of my body, with a greater exposure and confidence as the layers increase. My hair becomes more unkempt, signalling both the superficial post-coital mess as well as the passing of time.

The limbs of each layer overlap and intersect, showing how these stages are not linear or finite, but ebb and flow. Each experience feeds into the next.

The positioning and layering of my bodies allows the overall image to become vulvic, signifying both my first blood and my last, before its premature cessation.