I am a digital artist, specialising in drawings of people and animals; real, fantastical, autobiographical. Through doing this I am striving to make a connection - between me and the subject; between subject and artwork; between artwork and audience. I seek to create something that cannot exist in any other way, by any other hand.

My aim is to transform the subject into something new - to create something, someone, who now exists within the image: something that could not exist without me.

I draw almost exclusively on the iPad, allowing a greater level of nuance than traditional media permit, using ever-advancing digital software as a tool to produce multi-faceted, multi-layered, hyper-realistic images. I endeavour to create something visceral, fleshy, oily, tactile; something that becomes more real than the original subject.

Combining traditional draftsmanship and digital technology allows me to create artworks that connect with the audience in a uniquely personal and disturbingly confrontational way.

I have been a professional artist for over 20 years, working in several studios and experimenting with many different media before pursuing my own practice. Having originally studied Fine Art, to eventually achieving First Class Honours degree in Graphic Design, I have used my unique and varied artistic journey to reach a level of excellence and originality.

Drawing on my passion for women’s rights, environmental issues and social justice, I  use my  art to ‘reach out and preach out’.

My art is my voice, and I have a lot to say.